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As some of you may have noticed, on our last two updates the online reading link is now for mangadex! I have been keeping an eye open for this site and so after a while of thinking it over, I decided to upload all our stuff over there, so it would be easier for you guys to keep track of our releases!

Now all of our past releases are on the site as well!

Check it out here!

Kamisama to Tobenai Tsukai 1


From: Hagi


Shin, born to a race of winged messengers, faces life as an outsider due to the tiny deformed wings on his back. Flightless, he endures ridicule and loneliness. His people tend to the needs of the Gods who reside in the same mountains, and unexpectedly, he is tasked with the care of the mysterious God residing at Mountain 32. A troubling future looms ahead as Gods and Messengers have begun to disappear without trace. What danger awaits Shin and his people, and the Gods they care for?


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And so we start a new series, hope you guys love it!

Omae no Koi wa Ore no Mono – Complete!


From: Tokita Honoji

Description: Captain of the Judo Club, Mochizuki, and Captain of the Karate Club, Ishio, are like cat and dog. Everyday is filled with quarrels over the small gym they share. One day, Ishio accidentally saw Mochizuki’s bare skin when he was changing clothes and became really flustered. As revenge for receiving insults from him, Mochizuki created a strategy – a sex appeal strategy to ruin Ishio.

Without any consideration of place or time, he would hug him, push down him, chase him anywhere, etc….

It’s a love story spun by boys with nice muscular bodies, noisily quarreling each other.

Download the whole volume!

1  |  2  |  3  |  4

And here is the complete volume!! You guys have no idea how much I’m going to miss this one, but I really do hope you all enjoyed it! Thanks once again to @la-cruciatus for the raws!




About the anime and the manga

About the anime and the manga

Hey guys, I have seen lots of comments in MRM and mangago comparing the anime and the manga, but those two are completely different!

It pains me a little to see that the only comments are about the anime and the things that happen in it, instead of what it’s happening in the manga.

I haven’t watched the anime, so I can’t tell how much is in it, or what isn’t, but you guys have to remember that it was only one season, so they had to add as much as you can in it, so of course they added things from volume 2-3 and Hitorijime my Boyfriend.

The manga is currently behind the anime, so when we get to the chapters that were included in the anime, please try to enjoy them without revealing spoilers for the people who haven’t watched the anime, or who are following the manga.