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Kamisama to Tobenai Tsukai

Shin, born to a race of winged messengers, faces life as an outsider due to the tiny deformed wings on his back. Flightless, he endures ridicule and loneliness. His people tend to the needs of the Gods who reside in the same mountains, and unexpectedly, he is tasked with the care of the mysterious God residing at Mountain 32. A troubling future looms ahead as Gods and Messengers have begun to disappear without trace. What danger awaits Shin and his people, and the Gods they care for?

Author: Hagi
Status: Ongoing
Chapter 1: Mediafire
Chapter 2: Mediafire
Chapter 3: Mediafire
Chapter 4: Mediafire
Chapter 5: Mediafire
Chapter 6:
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Ao No Tsubomi

Since high school, Masaki and Rion have been best friends, and have lived together since adulthood. Their personalities are distinct opposites, but beneath the casual intimacy of friendship lie the unripened buds of Masaki’s feelings, unacknowledged by either of them.
The birth of a child of Rion’s ex-girlfriend and reminiscences with an old kouhai from school bring back memories of their shared past, both the public and the private. Will the feelings between them finally be allowed to blossom?

Author: Natsume Tsuno
Status: Completed
Full Volume: Mediafire

Mobius Strip

Sakuma Shuu is a handsome and capable man whose external successes hide the scars of a youth marred by isolation and brutal bullying. When a chance meeting brings him face to face with the monster that terrorized his school days, Hayami Tsukasa, he is desperate to hide their connection from his colleagues. Shockingly, Hayami doesn’t recognize him, and responding to his desire, he discovers a perverse thrill in having sex with his former tormentor. So begin a story of a game of deception, seduction, and revenge.

Author: Sawamoto Soji
Status: Completed

Full Volume: Mediafire

Karasu No Yomeiri

Itoshi no XL Saizu

Makotoshiyaka ni Mau Hana wa

Warau Oni

Omae no Koi wa Ore no Mono