So, I thought I ought to give you a little information about where we stand with our series, given recent events!

Kamisama to Tobenai Tsukai:   This will be updating in Canna 62, out at the end of the month, so we will start working on it when I get the copy.

Badass:  Also updating in Canna 62, with the hotly anticipated 3rd chapter.

Monokuro. We are still finishing work on the 3rd chapter, and aren’t sure if it will update in the next issue of Gateau.  Possibly not, as Maine-sensei is currently riding horses in Hokkaido!

Yuuwaku.  Our problem child…  We have the 2nd chapter ready to be typeset, and the third translated, but the series appears to still be on hiatus.  Inose-sensei is still in hospital as far as we know, so we expect no update.

Karasu:  We haven’t had a second chapter confirmed yet, but we do expect there to be one in next issue of Cab.

Yajima-kun:  Again, as far as we know, there will be a chapter in the next issue of Gateau.

Yasashii: Chapter 5 is being decensored and cleaned right now, and we will work on the extra once the tanko comes out.

Natsu:  Chapter 3 being typeset, Chapter 4 being translated ready for typeset.

We have several other ongoings that we picked up just before Akira’s departure, so expect to see new cute series soon!

So…  with all of that:   We really need some help!  We have lots of gorgeous series that we want to bring to you, but our team members are extremely swamped with pesky rl obligations, (mid-terms, dissertations, overly demanding jobs), so we are beyond stretched.

We are lacking a translator for Akira’s series, and though the lovely Yagi will continue them for now, its not a sustainable situation, so we may be forced to pause work on some of them.

We are in dire need of experienced cleaners. All of our cleaners save me are pretty much on hiatus or very busy, so without additional help we will slow down.  We don’t have the bandwidth right now to train new people, apologies.

So, if you think you can help (and wont go MIA after a few weeks, please), drop us a line to or message me here on tumblr.